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Qualities of an Authentic Brand

Glint Advertising - June 30, 2022 - 0 comments

Cultivating trust among your customers or constituents must be at the forefront of any brand leader’s mind.

Perception and impressions matter because, bit by bit, the positive ones reinforce a mutually beneficial and long-term relationship. In an article published by Ad Age, there are six qualities of an authentic brand that we think are worth passing on.

In an age where consumers quickly call brands out on inconsistencies, protecting your brand is within your reach. Start here.

None of the following is new, but it never hurts to be reminded.

  • Continue to be consistent. The article mentions that messaging, positioning, and actions can be challenging to manage and stay consistent. We typically see large brands fall into this trap because of the high volume of content they are pushing out and the variety of individuals producing it. However, the key to brand differentiation is your ability to be steady despite “a variety of perspectives and distribution channels.” Creating clear brand guidelines is an excellent way to realign. 
  • Make transparency a norm. No one should question your brand’s intention. Establish and communicate your brand purpose clearly from the beginning. Make it easy for customers to get acquainted with your brand, including your culture. Offer or improve your demos or trials. 
  • Stand for something. Does your brand have integrity? What drives you, and is your drive present in your marketing and PR? Deloitte says that marketers have the opportunity to define values, and they have the power to unite individuals for change. Check out our blog on brand activism for more information.
  • Take dishonesty out of the equation. And check yourself to make sure your brand is perceived as honest, another bedrock of building trust with consumers. If you mistakenly exaggerated a point, didn’t vet a statement, or didn’t follow through with a promise, it’s okay to retract or apologize. Do better next time, and take extra steps to increase accuracy.
  • Avoid the noise and stay relevant. Growing your brand is good, but ensure you stay in tune with your target audiences’ needs and serve them. Your brand messaging should not stray from what made it consumable in the first place. Avoid joining the noise.
  • Walk the talk. There is nothing worse than a brand that chooses rhetoric over action. Don’t be this brand, especially in the digital space we find ourselves. Accountability matters and may help to fortify your brand with customers.

Don’t let these authentic brand reminders feel overwhelming. Conduct an informal brand audit and move through the reminders one by one. Most likely, your findings will encourage you; but if not, you have a great starting point. Your brand (and returns) will thank you.

If you don’t have the time to devote to refining your brand, your brand specialists at Glint are at the ready. 

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