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Boost Your Experiential Marketing Game Today

Glint Advertising - November 4, 2021 - 0 comments

Glint Advertising gives you quick tips to boost your customer experience and boost your experiential marketing practice quickly.

Successful businesses and organizations attract repeat customers and encourage loyalty by providing memorable moments through experiential marketing techniques. While this may be easier for hospitality and tourism brands, others can get in the game and achieve noteworthy results. 

Want to jump on this strategy in your shop?

Check out these popular but actionable trends, and get a move on it.

  • POP-UPS still work. As we reengage in a post-pandemic world, a good ‘ole pop-up shop still has value. Plus, the flexibility of this temporary tactic is good news to marketers’ ears who may be in the pursuit of perfection.
  • Think INCLUSION. Accessibility is a powerful concept. Think Eventbrite, who began to embrace consumers with disabilities better, particularly those who are deaf. Incorporating sign language interpreters and consulting with the Royal National Institute for Deaf People (RNID) to optimize communication no doubt helped. o Who are your stakeholders? Start small. How could your brand be more inclusive for a segment of your target audience?
  • Up your VIRTUAL game. Sure, you could elaborate on this, but you don’t have to. Start with making your content more readable—one page at a time. If that is doable, move further and add short videos, infographics, e-books, manuals or other media types to enhance your virtual presence. 

A stretch goal may be to use your CRM more and add live chats. Connect these tactics with in-person and experiences, and you are golden.

Pro Tip: Virtual marketers use the proven 7Cs framework, and create strategies for each: content,  customization, customer care, communication, community and convenience. According to a survey done by Wyzowl in 2019, 68 percent of consumers use video to learn about a product. Take this stat and run to your camera.

  • Continue to ADVOCATE for worthy causes. But, don’t fake it; your audience can tell. Continue creating those worthwhile experiences and feel-good moments for your customers or targeted audiences. Collecting canned goods, raising money for your local medical center, attending a festival? Let your followers know. Your brand reputation will say thank you. Try maximizing the following for more impact: displays, special events, outreach opportunities and remove pain points to online journeys.
  • Who doesn’t like edibles? Of course, offering edible experiences is a winner for food and beverage brands; however, food has the power to bring folks together for the rest of us. Enhance your next pop-up, seminar, display or visit with something delicious, and no one will forget you. 
  • Challenges are growing in popularity. Challenges can be done anywhere, in the comfort of homes and in person. Let your customers earn their prizes in fun ways, but don’t leave your creativity behind. Credit unions know how to do this. Prestige Community Credit Union in Dallas completed a pumpkin decorating contest after displaying six orange contenders. Spooky fun!

While you may not achieve Walt Disney, Hershey Park, or even Apple status, these experiential marketing upgrades may improve your brand’s connection with its consumers. Good luck.

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