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The Importance of Consistent Branding

Glint Adv - March 8, 2021 - 0 comments

Branding represents your business’s identity. It determines both the initial and lasting impression your audience will have of your business. Not only do you want your brand to be distinct in a competitive market, but you also want to set standards for consistent branding. This means everything associated with your company should contain uniform qualities to uphold your company’s brand consistency. A consistent brand will see its visibility increased 3.5 times more than an inconsistent brand. 

Additionally, an aesthetically pleasing brand is the number one way to create a positive image for your company. Establishing a strong brand voice and culture from the beginning will instill trust and loyalty in your regular customers and attract new customers. The following are key elements that encompass consistent branding and why it should be at the top of your company’s marketing initiative.

Brand Image 

A company’s logo, style, and font are likely the first elements that come to mind when you think of consistent branding. It only takes 10 seconds for a customer to develop an opinion on your logo, so you want to choose an effective design. When creating visuals or graphics for your brand, you want to choose colors and themes that accurately represent the company and its purpose. The visuals for your company should also stand out enough so that the public remembers and recognizes your brand. 

Staying consistent in terms of your brand’s style and layout is important for customers to become accustomed to your brand’s image. The content presentation should be identical or at least contain similarities throughout. For example, you will confuse your audience if you distribute assets associated with your business with a different logo each time. Once you’ve developed a logo, stick with it, and repeatedly use that logo everywhere, so it becomes ingrained in a customer’s brain. 

Brand Voice

While the most common association with branding might be a company’s visual identity, a company’s voice and tone are equally, if not more important, for developing consistent branding. A logo or other visuals can evolve with the times, but a powerful brand voice established at the start will result in an enduring business. A brand’s voice consists of the emotions evoked from the language used in a company’s communications. The choice of tone determines your brand’s personality. A tone should reflect what your company stands for. For example, if your target audience is young adults, you might want to consider using a more fun, light-hearted tone for marketing your content. On the other hand, if your target audience is more conservative, you will want to be more formal. 

Regardless, a brand voice represents a company’s mission and values that help solidify its reputation as deserving of your business. Developing a strong brand recognition requires repetition, choosing a personality for your company, and sticking with it. If you’re inconsistent in your tone, it will be harder for your audience to understand your brand’s identity. Inconsistency may lead to losing customers who will turn to a company that has a more established brand.

Brand Culture

A brand culture makes up your company’s inherent DNA. In other words, a thriving brand culture represents the values that drive the company and its employees. Values are what your company stands for and aims to achieve, such as making an impact in a particular field. A well defined-brand culture gives a company an edge in a competitive market. Furthermore, brand culture is more than just a direct expression of the company as an entity itself; it is also an expression of the employees who work for the company. The employees act in accordance with the company’s core values to help solve customer problems and make strategic decisions. 

Brand culture is not only crucial for gaining and keeping customers, but it’s also essential for attracting employees. Half of job seekers say that they do not want to work for a company with a bad reputation. Both customers and employees want to support a brand that aligns with their values, and that alignments can only occur with consistent branding.

What's Your StoryBusinesses who care about their brand invest in a consistent presence and personality to immediately identify their marketing. Brand consistency is necessary for customers to become increasingly familiar with your product or service, resulting in their trust. By following a strategy to develop a distinct image, voice, and culture for your company, you will ensure success in creating an impactful brand. In brief, consistent branding is crucial for establishing identity and representing everything you do as a company.

Tying these elements together can be a challenge. If you’re seeking help from brand experts, look no further than Glint Advertising. Glint is a top marketing agency that can help increase your company’s value and strengthen its reputation, leading to loyal employees and customers alike. 

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