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Why Can’t You Hear Me?

Glint Adv - October 10, 2016 - 0 comments

Are you frustrated that consumers don’t understand your products or company values like you think they should? Even the customers you have don’t seem to engage with your business as you would like?

In this day and age branding is an all-encompassing process including both offline, traditional marketing tactics, online platforms, and other key brand touchpoints. Digital, in particular, has become an increasingly important aspect of brand engagement requiring most businesses’ to be on one or more social media sites, blogs, and more. Brands are under harsh scrutiny and are required to answer for any and everything they do on a constant basis. This type of interaction between consumer and business has become a conversation that needs to be carefully strategized and managed to ensure the integrity of the brand. Without a consistent message and delivery, consumers have become harsh critics whenever a brand’s efforts go awry.

Your brand isn’t just a logo or a symbol; it’s the holistic communication of characteristics, attributes, and values of what your company offers and represents. It is a promise of what consumers can expect when interacting with your product or service. This interaction can be on many levels: visiting a storefront, talking on the phone with an employee, perusing organizational brochures, websites, and other marketing tactics.

Your brand is your company’s voice. Is it being heard?

This environment has led the branding agency to become king. With a strategic voice, look and feel a brand can better represent itself in a positive professional manner that actually reflects the personality of the brand.

At Glint, branding is our top priority. While we understand the importance of individual marketing initiatives, we focus on the collective impact they make within the brand and ensure they integrate across all the advertising as a whole. Connecting all the key touch points of a brand with a consistent voice allows marketing to be more engaging, impactful and efficient. Ultimately, integrated and brand-centric marketing will create a more powerful strategy that provides a better return on investment.

If you have questions about branding and how your business can build and sustain a true competitive advantage, reach out to Glint at or give us a call at 817-616-0320. From large scale real estate developments, to hospitals, retail stores and credit unions, Glint has been helping clients define, refine and hone their brand strategy and imagery for over 16 years.

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