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    Brand Management, Optimization, SEO, Video, Video Marketing, Web Maintenance
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    Healthcare Associates of Texas

A physician-led model.

Healthcare Associates of Texas (HCAT) is a physician practice management company operating 15 full-service primary care offices across the Dallas – Fort Worth Metroplex, comprising over 70 providers.

HCAT provides a total continuum of care by offering comprehensive family medicine and ancillary services all under one roof to serve their patients and community needs. Employing board-certified physicians, complemented by certified Physician Assistants and Nurse Practitioners, HCAT is dedicated to their patients’ comprehensive wellness and delivering superior patient care.


the challenge

Due to the rapid growth HCAT was experiencing, the internal marketing team could not meet the day-to-day challenges needed to align their brand presence within the digital arena. Their website quickly became a tool that no longer was a strategic asset and needed a new strategy. They also needed to enhance their social and video outreach to showcase how their brand connected with the community and draw top providers to their team.


the solutions

To best support the internal marketing team, while focusing on the challenges at hand, Glint used a two-pronged approach of developing a YouTube campaign for community outreach and began optimizing the website to sustain current growth and future advancements properly.

To highlight that HCAT is a provider that’s engaged with the community and looks to communicate trust openly, Glint produced and directed various informational videos whereby the certified physicians of HCAT spoke on numerous health-related topics. Glint setup the video shoots, edited, and upon release, optimized them for SEO. Utilizing their YouTube channel, Glint promoted the videos locally to reinforce HCAT’s commitment to patient care and further drive brand awareness for new patients acquisition.

At the same time, Glint optimized the backend of HCAT’s website using schema tags, image compression, header text adjustments, and metadata descriptions to increase organic search rankings.


the results

By optimizing and branding the YouTube channel, we saw a significant increase in viewership and engagement on videos and a 1,300% increase in organic likes. The optimization and branded videos also collected an average of over 7,000 views per video, with that number continuing to grow month-over-month. Additionally, since our time working on the account, the channel has received over 150,000 views with over 4,000 hours of content watched.

Our video advertising campaigns resulted in an additional 5,000 views and over 1.3 million local impressions, all while keeping the cost-per-view to only $0.06. The videos drove over 500 new visitors to the website at an average cost of $5.74 per visitor, 60% lower than the industry average of over $15 per visitor.

Throughout our tenure working with HCAT, Glint has worked on maintaining URL structures and ensuring their website’s speed can keep up with demand. Glint’s efforts in overseeing and improving website analytics and optimization resulted in over 12 million search impressions and 395,000 clicks to the website. This result equates to one out of three consumers clicking for more information when they learned about HCAT’s website.


client feedback

“Glint started managing a small piece of our website business, and because of their attention to detail, master experience in the digital space, philosophy about their work, and responsiveness to more and more requests from me, they are now our agency of record. So glad to be working with them and pushing our brand forward in the digital space. They supported our brand as early adopters and helped consolidate a multitude of existing vendors. They are true thought leaders in the space.”

Lori Gillen, Marketing Director

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