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    FORD - Newscope Marketing

People watching can be a lot of fun.

Event marketing is a rapidly changing field, and engaging event attendees in a way that allows a brand to stand out is difficult. At NewScope, they specialize in helping companies make the most of their experiential opportunities and increase the ROI with their event marketing efforts. NewScope is driven to help businesses create memorable, engaging experiences every day. They’ve worked with some of the largest brands in the world like Ford Motor Company to supercharge their marketing at conferences, rodeos, launches, open houses, car shows, fairs and other events where it’s important to stand out and make a lasting impression.


the challenge

NewScope was looking for a partner that could not only help them define the best way to portray themselves within their industry but also connect with their grassroots, creative and edgy approach to business. You won’t find many suits and ties within this hardworking group, but you will find the most talented and experienced event marketing team in the nation. Glint made an immediate connection through our alignments with NewScope in business approach and attitude. Not to mention our experience in developing brands while integrating them seamlessly across multiple marketing platforms.


the solutions

Glint put NewScope through our proprietary Brandskeyp to confirm and, if needed, define who they were in the eyes of their clients, vendors, and employees. Through research and much Q&A, the brand needed a visual adjustment along with fresh content to better relay who NewScope was and how great they were at experiential and event marketing. The new look and feel integrated across print and digital marketing assets starting with an information brochure and new website. The brand now exhibits a gritty, hard working feel while connecting through technology with new responsive assets and event apps. Integral to the success of the brand, the adjustments were able to better illustrate the wide variety of events, products, services, fabrications, and experience that NewScope provides that their competitors don’t.

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