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7 Delicious Ways to Celebrate National Ice Cream Month

Glint Advertising - July 18, 2023 - 0 comments

Let’s celebrate National Ice Cream Month! What better way to beat the summer heat and indulge? From the classics to the craziest taste adventures, July is all about honoring the frozen delight that brings joy to our taste buds. Devote time in your calendar to help improve team morale! Consider the following ideas:

Create an Ice Cream Flavor:

You, too, can be a flavor artist and create your ice cream. Experiment with different and whip your personalized ice cream flavor. Whether it’s a zesty citrus twist or a decadent chocolate fudge masterpiece, let your imagination run wild. The fun is in sharing your innovation with coworkers and friends. Remember to watch their faces for reactions.

Visit a Local Ice Cream Shop:

Show some local love and visit an ice cream shop near the office. When you arrive, start conversing with the staff and show interest in learning about their craft. The worst-case scenario is that discover hidden gems and new flavors.

Host an Ice Cream Tasting Party:

Host an ice cream tasting party. Pick a variety of flavors from different brands or shops and serve them in small tasting portions. Encourage your team to share their thoughts and preferences. Expand your ice cream horizons and discover new favorites.

Try Homemade Ice Cream:

Ask a teammate who values the culinary arts or ask who would like to get their hands dirty in trying to make homemade ice cream. They can dust off the ice cream maker, explore no-churn recipes and subject their creations to a taste test. Only positive feedback, please.

Give Back:

National Ice Cream Month with Glint Advertising.Use National Ice Cream Month to give back to your community. Volunteer at a local charity that supports underprivileged children or families. Organize an ice cream social event at a shelter or community center and bring smiles and sweet treats to those needing it the most. Ice cream has a magical way of spreading happiness; sharing it with others can make a real difference.

National Ice Cream Month is the perfect time to embrace this beloved frozen treat. And, while temperatures in the Dallas Fort Worth Metroplex hover around 100 degrees, ice cream may make your great day even sweeter. 

Your friends at Glint Advertising are happy to join your festivities (smile) and to taste some creamy confections. We’re also pleased to build an employee relations calendar of fun ways to engage teams and groups within your organization for improved productivity. We’re only just a phone call or email away.

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