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Threads: The New Kid on the Block

Glint Advertising - July 17, 2023 - 0 comments

We’re only halfway through 2023, and according to Hootsuite, there are already 18 new social media apps marketers should watch!

And, don’t worry, we will get to Threads.

·      BeReal

·      Clubhouse

·      Instagram Reels

·      Spotify Live

·      Discord

·      Twitch

·      Patreon

·      Substack

·      Lemon8

·      Telegram

·      Polywork

·      Mastodon

·      Locket

·      Tribel

·      Hive Social

·      Gas

·      CoHost

·      Counter Social


Make that 19 new social media apps. As of July 2023, there is officially a new kid on the block: Threads, an Instagram app.

Threads is the new brainchild of Meta, the same tech company that owns Facebook, Instagram, and WhatsApp. Only three months ago, Meta announced the potential release of its stand-alone text-sharing platform. Think of the new app as Twitter-like.

The very Meta execs are marketing Threads as a “friendly” alternative to Twitter’s often tense and politically-charged atmosphere. Many apps have claimed to be a new rival to Twitter; however, Threads seems to be the strongest contender thus far.

The new app attracted 10 million users seven hours after its launch! Threads is currently the fastest-growing online platform in history.

In less than five days since its release, it has racked over 100 million users! To put into perspective how impactful 100 million users in five days is, below are the monthly active users of the top 10 social media platforms:

    Current MAU* Launched
As of April 2023
1 Facebook 2.98 billion 2004
2 YouTube 2.68 billion 2005
3 WhatsApp 2.24 billion 2009
4 Instagram 2.35 billion 2010
5 TikTok 1.67 billion 2016
6 LinkedIn 900 million 2006
7 Pinterest 463 million 2005
8 Reddit 430 million 2010
9 Snapchat 383 million 2011
10 Twitter 353.9 million 2003
*Number of monthly active users worldwide.

Now that it looks like Threads may be here to stay, the question will be asked:

Should our business join Threads?

Yes. Even if it’s only to claim your business’ Threads account and post a clever “Oh hey, we’re on Threads” post. Then go back to your personal Threads account and explore the app.

  • Get comfortable with the app.
  • Experiment with different kinds of content.
  • Wait for Threads to work out any bugs and roll out more features.

When you feel that your business is ready to start thriving on Threads, call Glint. We can help!

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