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The Big Game: Marketers Favorites

Glint Advertising - February 15, 2022 - 0 comments

The Big Game: where many companies have the opportunity to duke it out over a 30-second time slot worth millions of dollars. It’s a high-intensity, whiplash of emotions that consist of joy, humor, sadness, empathy, anger, and excitement. The pressure is on when you have an audience of about 90 million, just waiting on the edge of their seats for the best portrayal of showmanship. Wait, did you think we were talking about the football game?

Of course not! These days, advertisers have as much stake in the game as the two teams. A 30-second ad slot on America’s biggest annual football game starts at about 6.5 million dollars, and it’s all the rage. Big brands like Coca-Cola, Bud Light, Audi, and Kia go to great lengths to leave an unforgettable impression and woo people to buy their products. 

Below are a few of our memorable favorites over the past years. 

Amazon: Alexa Loses Her Voice – 2018

When Alexa loses her voice, celebrities of the world graciously step up to take her place as the voice of the Amazon empire. However, things take a hilarious turn when celebs like Gordon Ramsay and Cardi B bring their outrageous personalities instead of the answers people are looking for, making Alexa’s value obvious. 

Budweiser: Puppy Love – 2014

At a puppy adoption farm, an outgoing lab puppy makes best friends with one of the Clydesdale horses. The horse runs after his best bud to save him from leaving when the puppy eventually gets adopted. Budweiser not only pulled out all the stops but also pulled at all the heartstrings with this one. 

Skittles: Romance the Rainbow – 2017

A love-struck teen throws Skittles at the window of his girl, who, instead of going down to see him, enlists her entire family, neighbors, and the police to take turns catching the skittles in their mouth as they fly through the window. They’re just so dang yummy!

Heineken: Beer Run – 2014

After Brad Pitt stares into an empty fridge, he decides to make a quick beer run with the paparazzi on his tail. “Gimme Shelter” plays in the background while Pitt seemingly makes his escape from the paparazzi, all for a sip of Heineken. We feel you, Brad. 

This Year’s Top 3

In most sporting events, people are usually interested in the game. However, in this case, the draw is the entertainment between the plays. There were 64 ads overall in this year’s competition. Here are the top contenders for this year’s USA Today Ad Meter. 

Doritos/Cheetos: Push It

Doritos and Cheetos had a joint commercial featuring some big-time celebrities. When a nature watcher’s chips fall out of her backpack, the forest animals begin to eat the Doritos and Cheetos while singing “Push It.” This ad connects with audiences of all demographics by combining trending celebrities with classic hits. Doritos and Cheetos have a unique way of involving their audience – even we went for a few Doritos at the snack table after viewing the spot! 

Amazon: Mind Reader

Actress Scarlett Johansson teams up with her husband and SNL star Colin Jost in this hilarious Amazon commercial, where they imagine what it would be like if Alexa could read minds. Amazon remains a constant for their stellar creativity in all their commercials, and this one was no different!

 Rocket Mortgage: Dream House

In this Rocket Mortgage ad, actress Anna Kendrick made Barbie’s dreams come true. The star helps Barbie land a new dream house, bringing a childlike approach to an adult real estate problem. This ad was ranked number 1 on USA Today’s Ad Meter. Pairing Barbie, a cross-generational icon, with a charismatic celebrity like Anna Kendrick, provided us with the upset of the year in spot-on advertising. While we were all thinking Budweiser, a three-peat USA Today Ad Meter winner was going to take the cake this year, Rocket Mortgage proved us wrong. It turns out we’re all just Barbie girls living in a Barbie world.

Notable Mentions

A few brands made a comeback after a year or two hiatus. Budweiser took some time off and officially came back with their Clydesdale commercial, ready to tug at your heartstrings once again. Lays made their official comeback of 17 years with its one-minute spot featuring fan favorites Paul Rudd and Seth Rogen. Last (and certainly least) favorite of the evening was Coinbase’s minimalist approach. Using their 60-second ad slot, the cryptocurrency company spent $13 million bouncing a QR code all over the TV screen. 

There you have it, folks! The best past and present game day advertisements. If you want to talk advertising outside of this year’s Big Bame, give us a shout! 

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