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Why Branding?

Glint Adv - August 4, 2015 - 0 comments

This question has run through my mind countless times as I have watched a hundreds of branding agencies pop up in the last few years. But the real question is why the sudden switch from the traditional ad agency model to the more nimble branding firm? Although this is a bit of a loaded question I believe it is has a lot to do with the changing technological world we live in that now requires a little bit more from a business than traditional forms of advertising.

Previous to the invention of the Internet, social media, and blogging; traditional advertising agencies really had it quite easy when thinking about public relations or a brand image. They put out some static messages, gave no room for reply, and could pretty much say whatever they wanted. Consumers only had two options either accept or reject these messages and then buy accordingly.

Now that it is almost a requirement to be on some sort of social media, blog, and or digital platform; brands are under harsh scrutiny and are required to answer for any and everything they do on a constant basis. The interaction between consumer and business has become a conversation that needs to be carefully strategized to ensure the integrity of the brand. Without a consistent focus consumers have become harsh critics on inconsistencies that arise with a brands efforts.

This is why the branding agency has become king. With a strategic voice, look and feel a brand can easily be represented in a positive professional manner that truly represents the businesses personality.

Here at Glint we really make sure that branding is our top priority. While we understand the importance of individual projects we are more concerned with the bigger picture. We want to impact the larger forces at work that make up a successful brand rather than giving you static messages to put out to make a consumer happy. We want to represent every brand the way they want to be represented and in a way that gets a return on their investment.

We have dedicated 15 years to inspiring brands and will continue to do so. Give us a call today to find out how we can help you reach your goals at (817) 616-0320, or e-mail us at

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