Unity One Social & Web


Social Media Campaign
• 6,000 fans on social media
• More than 19,600 social interactions by 16,000 different users
• 8.4 million social impressions across all platforms.

About Unity One Credit Union
Unity One is a community-minded credit union serving members in Texas, Minnesota, and Kansas. With a number of accounts and services that aim to fit every lifestyle, the Unity One team prides themselves on being the better banking option for its members.

The Challenge
Unity One sought an agency partner that could enhance their marketing efforts in the digital space. Highly relationship-oriented in their service, they were looking to create a social media plan that would connect with current members on a personal level and attract new membership among Gen Y, Gen X, and Millennials.  A newly crafted social strategy had to appeal to and provide useful information relative to credit union offerings to these demographics.

In addition to a social media strategy, Glint was also brought on board by Unity One to craft a new design for their website, which would provide a more user-friendly experience to their users.

The Solution
First partnering with Unity One in 2013, Glint has since helped to drastically increase the credit union’s presence in the social media realm, including more than doubling the fan following on the Facebook platform and generating a brand presence on the Twitter platform. Implementing yearly themed strategies on Facebook, social efforts on the platform have been able to accurately reflect Unity One’s brand values and the importance placed on relationships with their members, while providing enough variety and fresh content to keep users consistently engaged. In addition, a micro-campaign targeting Millennials was introduced on Twitter in early 2015, entitled the #FirstTimers initiative. This campaign aimed to connect with and provide vital financial information to those encountering important milestones for the first time. These strategies have included content and graphic creation for posts, creation and monitoring of social media ads, and a series of cover photos on both the Facebook and Twitter platforms. The campaign is constantly being fine-tuned and improved using a variety of social analytic tools employed by the Glint digital team.

Glint was also engaged to create a new, responsive website for Unity One, which stayed true to the brand’s values of community and thrift. A new look and feel was designed and implemented for the brand in early 2015.