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Do you feel like your business should be king on the web, but your SEO program has you growling in frustration? Even though it may not seem very exciting, Search Engine Optimization or SEO is a critical component of any branding and marketing program. If you have a website and are reliant on the site to help drive sales and revenue, SEO is critical to help maximize traffic to your website from Search Engines such as Google and Bing. Many studies have shown that sites listed on the first page, primarily the first 3-5 listings, receive the majority of the traffic for any given search. SEO, while somewhat labor intensive, will eventually lead to a much more efficient and lower cost per lead than automated processes or straight Pay Per Click.

There are many aspects to SEO management and implementation, from onsite and offsite SEO to keyword tracking and analysis and content generation. While on-page work is somewhat static and can be addressed approximately every 4-6 months, the main components and key success drivers for successful SEO are extremely dynamic and require ongoing monitoring, analysis and adjustments using marketing data.

A successful SEO program will include these components:

• Meta titles and descriptions
• Schema Tags (rich snippets)
• Content compression and speed optimization
• 404 elimination and monitoring
• Keyword ranking and monitoring
• Competitor link analysis
• Cost per client acquisition analysis
On Going SEO:
• Content creation (infographics, articles, etc.)
• Link building
• Citation Building for local optimization
• Reputation management

SEO SearchingThere are typically many goals for a website to accomplish, from awareness and informational to direct sales and customer service, but regardless of the goal, the overriding need and desire is to generate targeted traffic. Even with an engaging user interface, inspiring and eye-catching visuals, a strong selling proposition or a simple e-commerce platform, none of it matters if your targeted consumer group can’t find your site. A SEO program will help maximize your digital assets, and in the long-run result in one of the lowest costs per acquisition channels in your marketing mix.

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