Search Engine Optimization

There is a lot of confusion and mystification around the subject of Search Engine Optimization (SEO). Let us put it simply; it is a method of search engine marketing that helps a website gain increased visibility in organic search results. SEO helps improve sites’ standings on search result pages by implementing adjustments that increase relevancy and compatibility with search engine algorithms. Many search engines, like Bing and Google, use inbound links as an indicator of popularity and high-quality content. The more a page is referenced and linked back to, the more relevant it is considered to be, thus increasing it’s standing in search results. Increasing the number of links to content, cross-linking between different sites and, posting relevant content within a site, can all be utilized to raise a website’s position on a result page.

All search engines employ algorithms that determine which sites will be most useful to the searcher. A search algorithm is a unique formula or combination of rules, that search engines use to determine the significance of a web page in relation to a search. Each search engine operates by its own unique set of rules. Because of these algorithms, search engines can rank and display a list of results about a user’s search in nearly a quarter of a second. The leading search engines, such as Google and Bing, use automatic bots, often referred to as “crawlers” or “spiders,” to identify the most relevant websites. They search for keywords, visuals and video content that relates to the conducted search term within your site’s content.

Benefits of SEO
The Internet is a critical component of any successful marketing program. With consumers taking to the World Wide Web to make purchasing decisions, search engines like Google, Yahoo! and Bing is where most users conduct searches when looking for brands and services. More than 97% of users utilize the web when researching local businesses and products. (BIAKelsey and Con Stat, 2010) The development of an SEO strategy can help your brand reach out to these consumers, by increasing the rank of your website in a list of search results. There are many benefits to incorporating SEO into your marketing strategy:
SEO Marketing•   Brand Awareness: Your brand receives increased exposure on the first page of results. More people are likely to conduct a search with a different keyword than they are to click on the second page of suggestions.
•   Cost Effective: Unlike PPC you’re not paying per click. SEO utilizes methods that are readily
available to most webmasters, and its effects often last longer than paid placement.
•   More Permanent Results: Your listings do not disappear once you stop paying for them.
•   Importance: High placement in search results instills trust in consumers that the company
or website is relative, imperative, and trustworthy.
•   Increased Traffic: Your website ranking high on the first page of results is key to driving
essential traffic to your site.

Glint’s Approach
Our clients value our approach to SEO because we build a strategy that reflects your brand’s individual needs. Our team conducts in-depth research to identify the keywords your consumers are using when searching for your product or brand and which search engines are most commonly utilized by your target audience. These findings are then incorporated into a strategy that is compatible with search engine algorithms.

We ensure that your content is reaching the right consumers, as well as increase your visibility in search engine listings. Our team utilizes an array of analytic platforms to monitor increased traffic and make the proper adjustments to provide constant improvement. By utilizing a wide range of techniques to boost SEO, we may include:
•   Website restructuring, to make bot navigation easier.
•   Content editing, for increased keyword saturation and relevance.
•   Creation of a company blog, to provide fresh content.
•   Creation of a linking strategy, to increase search engine relevance and importance.
•   Building an integrated campaign, to strengthen overall online presence.
•   Competitive benchmarking.
Magnifying Glass SEO Marketing
Establishing a digital marketing scheme that includes a Search Engine Optimization strategy is crucial to the long-term success of your business. Implementing SEO helps increase brand awareness, strengthens online presence, and connects you with consumers who are actively searching for what your brand offers. Also, strategy effects are long-term and provide results long after paid efforts cease.

Our team specializes in creating integrated marketing experiences for your consumers and adding an SEO strategy to your repertoire will enhance your presence. We will thoughtfully implement a strategy that will reinforce your traditional marketing materials, such as print pieces, TV commercials, and online identities like social media and PPC campaigns, creating a unified experience for your audience. A cohesive marketing campaign strengthens your brand by increasing awareness and developing relationships with your audience through a variety of different platforms. Our experienced team can help your brand deliver your message to the right people, driving the results your business needs to thrive.

Wherever you rank on a search result page, or if you are just looking to enhance and align your marketing, Glint will collaborate with you every step of the way to ensure you are putting your best results in front of your audience.

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