Pay-Per-Click Advertising, or PPC, is a cost-efficient strategy that enable brands to connect with consumers by increasing their visibility on search results pages through paid ad placements. By displaying advertisements on the top and side of search pages, PPC grants your business first-rate space on search result pages when consumers search about your brand offerings. It is also one of the most cost-effective ways to advertise, as companies only pay when someone clicks on their ad.

So why jump on the PPC bandwagon?
The Internet is an integral part of today’s marketing scheme. With Astronaut Helmet PPC Marketingconsumers taking to the World Wide Web to make purchasing decisions, search engines are where most conduct their searches. In fact, over 97% of users take to the web when researching local products and services. (BIA/Kelsey and Con Stat, 2010) There are a number of benefits to incorporating PPC in your marketing strategy:
• PPC increases brand awareness.
• PPC is a suitable strategy for any size or any type of business.
• PPC can work in conjunction with your traditional advertising efforts, such as TV commercials and radio spots.
• When compared to more traditional advertising methods, PPC is more cost efficient because it is highly targeted. Because you only pay when a user clicks on one of your ads, your budget is spent on only those actively searching for what your brand offers.
• PPC offers the ability to make targeting highly specific. You can easily create ads that cater to individual services, locations, or specials that reach their target market at the point of interest.
• PPC is highly measurable. In addition, changes can be made swiftly to improve results.

Glint’s Approach
At Glint, we construct custom campaigns that reflect the unique environment and nature of your brand. We take the time to fully understand your brand, your customers, and your customers’ behaviors before building a unique PPC strategy. We aim to not only to connect you with your target audience, but also to demonstrate why your company is the right fit for them. We explore a variety of options, including Google AdWords and Bing Ads, to find the best platforms for your business. Additionally, our team keeps up to date on the latest Pay-Per-Click Marketing news and strategies. We want you to feel confident that your campaign is in the best hands; that’s why our digital team is Google AdWords certified and are members of the Google Partners program.

Before our team even begins, extensive research is undertaken to ensure a full understanding of your brand. A variety of factors are taken into account, including; the products or services offered, location(s), overall goals, budget, and the platforms that best fits the needs of your brand. By taking this crucial step, we can ensure the campaign effectively reflects who you are and we can begin highlighting what makes your brand stand above the competition. Only after this is done can we move forward with a collection of ad groups, associated keyword lists, and ads that adequately reflect your company’s products, services and characteristics.

Management and Adjustments
Our team consistently monitors your campaign, making adjustments as necessary, to optimize exceptional performance. By tweaking keyword lists and ad groups, low-performing factors are removed to make room for more successful ones. Additionally, adjustments to settings are made to close in on a set of variables that provide optimum performance, including when the ads run and what devices the ads display on, such as desktops, smartphones, and tablets.

Analytics and Reporting
We take the time to run in-depth analytic comparisons on your Audio Keyboard PPC Marketingcampaign to ensure it is getting the desired results. This helps us establish a set of parameters that provide for optimum performance. Our team uses an array of platforms and software to monitor your campaign, which helps us identify top performing keywords and ad groups, as well as opportunities for growth. By utilizing analytics, unsuccessful tactics are weeded out enabling us to input new strategies. By constantly adjusting and implementing new tactics, your campaign stays ahead of the curve. We take all of this analytic data and compile it into an easy-to-understand report, so you’re always up to date on how your campaign is performing.

These reports inform you of:
• Changes made to your campaign
• Your most successful content and settings
• Suggestions for improving performance

Pay-Per-Click Marketing is an invaluable addition to your digital marketing scheme. It’s an extremely cost efficient method of increasing your business’ visibility and connecting your brand with users who are conducting searches related to your offerings. Though it can stand on its own as an independent campaign, our team specializes in creating integrated marketing experiences to drive results even further. Correctly maintaining and implementing an integrated campaign, by utilizing both digital and traditional advertising methods, is critical for long-term success. This approach strengthens your brand by increasing awareness and developing relationships with your audience through a variety of different platforms. Our experienced team can help your brand deliver your message to the right people, driving the results your business needs to succeed.

No matter how in depth you decide to go, count on Glint to help you push your brand forward.

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