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Kaner Medical Group

Holiday Invitation

KMG wanted to stand out in the mail and attain an early commitment for their holiday party. They were looking for an engagement piece that would entice recipients to interact with their invitation, get excited about their event, and RSVP their intention for attendance. Glint determined a dimensional piece with multiple layers and sound would be the best approach for aligning with a roaring 20’s theme. Conceptualized from and old radio tuner the invitation asked recipients to “Tune In.”

As invitees opened the mailer, multiple layers of rigid translucent material were shown stacked, revealing a top message while enticing the recipient to continue digging deeper. For instant gratification, at the bottom of the invite were headphones wrapped in the shape of a Christmas tree to align with the “Tune In” messaging. The invite also provided a URL landing page that allowed the invitees to respond with their attendance, their number of guests and favorite holiday song. Also, the landing page provided a countdown timer to the event and played a roaring twenties song to bring more life to the experience.

NewScope Marketing

Branding & Digital


About NewScope Marketing
Event marketing is a rapidly changing field, and engaging event attendees in a way that allows a brand to stand out is difficult. At NewScope, they specialize in helping companies make the most of their experiential opportunities and increase the ROI with their event marketing efforts. NewScope is driven to help businesses create memorable, engaging experiences every day. They’ve worked with some of the largest brands in the world like Ford Motor Company to supercharge their marketing at conferences, rodeos, launches, open houses, car shows, fairs and other events where it’s important to stand out and make a lasting impression.

The Challenge
NewScope was looking for a partner that could not only help them define the best way to portray themselves within their industry but also connect with their grassroots, creative and edgy approach to business. You won’t find many suits and ties within this hardworking group, but you will find the most talented and experienced event marketing team in the nation. Glint made an immediate connection through our alignments with NewScope in business approach and attitude. Not to mention our experience in developing brands while integrating them seamlessly across multiple marketing platforms.

The Solution
Glint put NewScope through our proprietary BrandScape to confirm and, if needed, define who they were in the eyes of their clients, vendors, and employees. Through research and much Q&A, the brand needed a visual adjustment along with fresh content to better relay who NewScope was and how great they were at experiential and event marketing. The new look and feel integrated across print and digital marketing assets starting with an information brochure and new website. The brand now exhibits a gritty, hard working feel while connecting through technology with new responsive assets and event apps. Integral to the success of the brand, the adjustments were able to better illustrate the wide variety of events, products, services, fabrications, and experience that NewScope provides that their competitors don’t.



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Think Before You Sleep

Branding & Digital

About Think Before You Sleep
Think Before You Sleep (TBYS) is an educational non-profit focused on building awareness around the risks associated with alcohol and drugs, and how they can lead to unprotected sex – resulting in STD’s, including HIV. TBYS exists not to be a dampener on people’s fun, but rather raise awareness and educate young people on the importance of having fun, safely. They want you to live a longer, healthier life and have a lot of fun while doing it.

The Challenge
Glint was tasked with strategically establishing a brand name and identity for consumers to grasp and then provide informative content for those in need. Starting from a dream and vision, and having the challenge of creating the name and look and feel of the brand, bringing awareness and growth via social media only was an incredible challenge. The campaign outreach also had a defined focus within a four county region around Fort Worth and had to target 18-23-year-olds and minorities within that area.

The Solutions
Heavily focusing on digital and social advertising methods, the Think Before You Sleep campaign was launched with the creation of a website, establishing a presence on three popular social media outlets, Facebook, Twitter, and YouTube, with the intent of engaging and informing individuals about HIV and the associated risks around the virus. In addition, video spots and blogs were created in the first two months, as were several outdoor assets such as billboards, to raise awareness about the brand. This approach encouraged individuals to visit the website and social sites to learn more about the cause. Since 2012, the results of this partnership have shown continued growth year after year.

We are extremely proud to have established a fan base within two-weeks of launch and, to-date, touting over 9,400 followers and counting. New web content and ad spend increases positively affect awareness gains averaging 80% each time. Also, website visits also average an increase of 70% during these times. Glint is extremely proud of this client and the growth that continues to be achieved while focusing primarily on one digital tactic – social media.

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